Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what bears have taught me

1. Defend your own berry patch. The berries there might be full of worms or not quite ripe, but darn it, it's yours.

2. The grass is only green for a short time. Live life to its fullest! Munch away while you can!

3. Day beds are important. Even tough guys need naps. Your resting place should have a view, a good food source, and solitude when you need it.

4. Be kind to your neighbors. You might end up sharing a fish stream with them.

5. Know when to cut and run. This might not be the hill you want to die on. Pick your battles wisely.

6. Take a chance on new territory. Home range is nice, but if it gets intolerable, have the guts to move on.

7. Play. Slide down a few snow slopes. Chase your buddy around in the tall grass. Don't worry about what you look like doing it.

8. People are more scared of you than you are of them. Use this to your advantage. Be strong, be decisive, act quickly. Stay away from fools with guns.

9. Take a long winter break. You don't need to work so hard all the time. Slow down, enjoy life.

10. There's always next year. No mate this season? Fishing poor? Don't let the small stuff get you down. It'll turn around!


  1. I learned to appreciate the seasons via the bears.

  2. Lots to think...and chuckle...about here. Seems bear and people interactions aren't so different!


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