Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I think about during meetings

Lately my life has been consumed by long meetings. It's a sad fact that you can work to protect the wilderness but a large chunk of time is spent sitting around a table with a bunch of other luckless souls who would rather be outside. To pass the time, I think of other things, like..

1. My dream cabin in the woods. On really heinous meetings I draw up entire floor plans.

2. How many different states I've fought fire in. Then I try to remember the names of all the fires. This can take up hours.

3. Stuff I want to write, stuff I've written, and everything in between.

4. Antarctica. I'd like to go there and see the Dry Valleys.

5. The relative attractiveness (or un) of the other participants in the meetings. And their choice of clothing.

6. Plan a great escape--quit the job, throw caution to the wind, eat chocolate, chase dogs with sticks, live in a fire lookout.

7. How strong the impulse is to suddenly behave inappropriately. Laugh hysterically, kiss somebody, yell "Stop the madness!"

8. How much I want to strangle the wise ass who likes to make comments that only serve to extend the meeting. Likewise the two people who discuss a subject avidly when it only has interest to them and the rest of us are held hostage.

9. Wish I could actually go to some of the places we are talking about.

10. Add up how many tax dollars are being used for this six hour meeting. Resist the urge to lie on the floor and take a nap.


  1. Great shots of the Eagle Cap Wilderness and Hells Canyon... you'll have to take in the area from a Base Camp Baker model, check out FB: Base Camp Baker!

  2. Totally and completely with you on #s 4 and 8. I think about knitting and stare out the window a lot.

  3. Boy, do those sound like someone else in your gene pool only with university meetings!(LLE).

  4. It all comes down to who is running the meeting. Someone has to run the show,and if there wasn't so much political and social correctness to get in the way you could have a productive meeting.

    I want some of Shackleton's whiskey.


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