Friday, December 11, 2009

house hunting

Lately I've become obsessed with house hunting. Especially log houses with acreage. The house at left is on Old Ski Run Road (which would be a cool address). I had high hopes for this one and tramped in the snowed-in driveway to look. It has seven acres and the logwork is beautiful. It's not even that big. Private. A creek runs through the property.
But. It's not finished ("roughed in" I guess is the term for it). The seller wants $290,000, which probably is a screaming deal considering the location and the acreage. However, not being a construction worker or married to one, I would have to either pay someone to do things like cabinets, sinks, toilets, etc, or toil away learning in my spare time. I'd have to get a construction loan regardless because no way would it be financed as a regular loan. Bottom line is, I just can't afford it on one income. Bummer.
There are other possibilities, but either they aren't for sale, are off the county plow road and would require high levels of shoveling and/or skiing to the car, are out at the touristy side of the lake or are just too expensive.
House hunting is kind of like dating. I've rushed in too quickly and bought a house because of potential, only later to discover that it was too much of a project or in the wrong neighborhood. I've also paid too much and gained too little. The key is patience. Sooner or later the cute little log cabin of my dreams will come along. I'll be ready for it.

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