Friday, December 11, 2009

random sub zero thoughts

You're welcome, planet, I walked to work again. I suspect it was about one degree due to the frosted hair and frozen eyelashes. Yesterday evening my I-Pod quit working because it was so cold. I actually don't remember the last time I drove to work and I snarl at the cars outside (although it is possible today that I am the only person in the building, since everyone here works four ten hour days, or at least alleges to do so). Honestly I don't understand why more people won't walk or bike to work. It's not like it's that far.

Just some random thoughts today as I struggled to breathe frosty air today:

1. Why can't things stay the same? I understand that the world is in a constant state of motion, and I guess people should be too; but I want to go back to the way things were sometimes, to suspend time like I was caught in amber. My life has changed so much in the last two years; sometimes I was the instrument of change, other times it feels like one big earthquake, rearranging my personal topography. How many times can people bounce back? The earth bounces back from the weight of ice; that is what it feels like I am doing right now. Slowly, an inch a year.

2. Will I ever sell a book? Or should I just become a dabbler, and just call it my hobby? Maybe take up something else? The worst are the agents you never hear from...

3. Should I buy a five acre piece of land and build my own cabin, set down some roots, or keep renting and on the move every few years?

4. Or, should I actually do what I've been threatening and move someplace for a year, immerse myself in writing, instead of working ten hour days pushing paper?

5. Why, oh why do people insist on these godawful Christmas lights all around their property? Okay, Santa on the biplane is kind of cute, but a fence full of candycanes? Come on people. Where do you think your electricity comes from?

6. Wow, what a beautiful sunrise over the snowy Wallowas.

Thoughts and suggestions on any of the above are welcome.

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  1. The planet thanks you...and all like you. (There are many, you know). Some days (years) there are too many choices, and some others, not enough choices, or difficult ones. Ernest Hemingway: "Life breaks us all and many grow strong at the broken places." But there are sunrises and sunsets, cutest dogs ever, hoarfrost on the milkweed and long summer days to come in the Wallowas.


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