Wednesday, December 30, 2009

shine on, crazy diamond

Sometimes in the wilderness, the going just gets hard. There have been times when I have been wet, cold and afraid. Times when the lake just was too far away, the lightning too close, the trail too steep. Somehow I always found some strength to get back up and move along. Eventually the sun came out, the rain stopped, I arrived at the lake.

You don't want things to be easy all the time, in the wilderness or in life. I know people who sail through their lives without blisters, but it seems like you need those tough spots to fully wallow in the joyful ones. So in the spirit of this thought, here is a short list of some challenges and highlights of 2009 for me. A "What I learned in 2009" if you will.

1. Taking strangers out on a five day kayak patrol with bears, interesting seas, and strange shirtless men is an experience not to be missed! I'll never forget Brooke and our Castaway Island or Amelia and our thousands of floating moon jellyfish.

2. Taking a month off from work to go to Tasmania taught me that there are other ways to live your life than sitting at a desk until the retirement clock beeps. Now I just have to figure out how to get there.

3. Love is always worth it, even if it doesn't last.

4. You can love someone, or someplace, and still be able to leave it. You can love other places just as much, and other people.

5. Facing your worst fear (being charged by a bear in my case) and surviving is the most empowering feeling ever.

There you have it. Bring on 2010!


  1. You are an amazing, impressive, inspirational woman...with a unique ability to translate experiences and emotions into your writing. Bring on 2010 for you.

  2. Stride happily and fiercely into 2010--new adventures await!

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