Sunday, February 28, 2010

Touristus Backcountrius

Okay, I'm lazy today so I thought I'd just put a list of the things tourists have asked me or said to me in the backcountry. Enjoy.

1. "Oh thank goodness! I didn't know if you were a ranger or an axe murderer!"(I was carrying a pulaski at the time)

2. "Tough job for a woman."

3. "I saw a black panther!" (Um. In Idaho? I don't think so.)

4. "Where are the elk?"

5. "Do you know Jan, I don't remember her last name, but she works for the Forest Service somewhere..?"

6. "You told us it was easy to get to Noisy Lake and it was really really hard!"

7. "Have you seen my husband?"

8. "Where's the escalator?" Ha. Ha. Ha.

9. "So you majored in forestry? No? English? ENGLISH?! BWAHAHAHA! ENGLISH! HEY MARGE! DID YOU HEAR THAT? ENGLISH!"

10. "If we go to Lake X will there be bears there?"

Of course there are backcountry visitors I have loved, who say things like this:

1. "Do you want a cookie?"

2. "We left some beer in the stream back there."

3. "Of course we'll pack out your garbage."

4. "Come warm up by our fire."

5. "This is the most spectacular place ever."

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