Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ugh. The Gym.

I really hate going to the gym.

This isn't me. But this is how I feel about the gym.

I hate going there because I would much rather get my exercise outside. I spend too many hours in a day in artificial light and breathing who-knows-what from air that circulates endlessly.  I don't even like thinking of my daily activity as exercise. I like thinking of it as fun. Adventure. Destination.

But the gym isn't fun. At all. It defeats my whole purpose which is not to exercise to look good but to get somewhere, on a trail or on skis.  It feels like work, which swimming in the lake, trail running and snowshoeing don't. An hour at the gym feels like a lifetime when the same time outside goes by in a flash. I also unscientifically think that I get in way better shape actually doing the things outdoors that I would be pretending to do in the gym. If you spend all your time in the gym, you're just getting good at doing the stuff at the gym, just like if you only run, when you start swimming it does not really carry over.

However, there are days when I capitulate, like today. Weather Evilness struck. It inexplicably is raining at 6,000 feet. Oh the horror. The snow is like mashed potatoes. The roads are an icy snarl. It is so foggy I can't even spy on Cute Neighbor. Clearly the time has come to throw in the towel.


This isn't me either. I lift much, much, much heavier weights than this. I think.


  1. Ho ho hee, hee, are you sure one of those pics is NOT YOU? I agree, though, which is why my annual gym membership has turned out NOT to be a good deal.

  2. Marre...I'm sure you lift much more weight than that. I hear you on the workouts outside though. It does feel like you can get a lot more accomplished. You also don't have the smell of a sweaty gym. Blech! Nature smell is all I need in my little nose...thanks.

  3. Hi Mary!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I was so excited to hear from you. I've been reading your blog for some time and LOVE it (from the link from Jill's Outside blog).
    I also hate the gym, oh my god, here in this little town I'm usually the only one there, and it's really hard to stay motivated when there's no one else around to keep me from cheating on my miles and time. It's like: Why not just stand on the treadmill, watch TV and call it a night, eh?
    P.S. Your photos ROCK!!


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