Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a wilderness year

I am ripping this idea off shamelessly from another blog (sorry Jill!) but I loved the idea of looking back at the year in photos. Here are some of my favorites, not for their quality (I'm a point and shooter) but for the memories they bring back. It was an incredible year.

The view from Ivan Carper Pass. This was a late August day hike of 17 miles. I met a man who for his sixtieth birthday was climbing that peak in the distance--Eagle Cap.
Kayaking on Wallowa Lake.
The beautiful Cale near Cook Creek in the Hells Canyon backcountry.
Everyone goes to the Lakes Basin, because well--you can see why.However on this mid-July trip the hordes had not yet arrived. We had it mostly to ourselves.

Red fish in a blue green stream. These are kokanee near Wallowa Lake.

Amy and I slogged ten miles on snowshoes on this day!

Echo Lake in mid-July. A truly horrible climb plus a wade in the snow, but so beautiful!

Here's my very favorite lake, Hobo. See how it's perched like a little teacup? Love it.  I reached this after overshooting Lookout Mountain and had to downclimb.

This was the year I finally climbed the Matterhorn! Here is a view on the way up. That's beautiful Ice Lake below.
On Traverse Ridge, a ridge-walking day with Frances Lake in the background.

I can't wait to see what next year brings!

ps.I have new followers! I love followers~ Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you and finding out what you like to read about.


  1. I love the pics Marre! I don't think it matters if they are just point and shoot! Some I seriously think you could send in for photo contests they are so good!

  2. What a year! Beautiful photos, and beautiful memories, even the hard slogs are memorable in retrospect. You have made so much of your year, exploring mts and meadows, ridges and lakes...and yourself! Here's to a another wonderful year!


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