Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Riding on the back of the Snake

I pulled rank today and invited myself along on a jet boat trip up Hells Canyon to look at a trail that is sluffing off into the river. I was in dire need of a day outside, away from the Budget of Despair, the NEPA document of Ambiguity and the Outfitter Permits of Monotony. It was a drizzly day but I snapped so many photos that John called me a tourist. The stats:

160 river miles: Clarkston to Kirkwood
Wildlife: Bald eagles, deer, bighorn sheep (lots), elk, otters
Backpackers: one bunch
Boats: Two
Person who was improbably from the last small town in Alaska where I lived: One

It was a grey and drizzly day so no spectacular photos, but our spirits were undampened as we headed upriver.
I was unreasonably fascinated by a small enclave of private homes upcanyon. Only access is by jetboat or helicopter.
We took a side trip up the Salmon River to the first rapid.
The lovely rolling Snake.

We stopped to admire some pictographs at Buffalo Eddy.

Many creeks (and large rivers like the Salmon) flow into the Snake. Here's Cherry Creek.

another view of the little and not-so-little private houses. There was a hot springs near these. Yes, I was jealous.

We stopped to assess trail damage above Kirkwood.

The river wild.

The view from the River trail. Oregon on river left, Idaho right.

Looking upriver into the unknown.


  1. This looks like fun. I haven't been on any river in years, now that is not good.
    Those private homes are unreal.

  2. Thanks for taking us along to the Snake, and the Salmon, and Kirkwood, and the private river homes, and and and. It's great to have a warm place and a river to visit in spring


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