Sunday, June 19, 2011

looking for legore lake (and other things)

In my many outdoor adventures, several things have befallen me. I've been charged by a bear. A mountain lion came and snarled next to my sleeping bag. I've walked in alligator-infested swamps. Fire has chased me. I've crossed big rivers, hunkered during lightning storms, run out of water, and gotten lost.

Now for something truly scary:

It's easier to commit to the John Muir Trail!

In my brief first marriage (still feels kind of weird to write that) my husband preferred to hike only as a means of killing something. He wouldn't bike in the rain, wasn't a backpacking fan, and the kayak I got him hung unused on the house. In another relationship my BF thought the relationship was doomed because we "didn't talk" when we hiked. It is really hard to find that balance--someone who likes some of the same things but not all. I don't want someone stuck like glue. J likes to backcountry ski. I don't. I like to trail run. He doesn't. It works out.

Three weeks, folks. We are wavering between a spot by the (flooding) Hurricane Creek or a (trespassing) tramp to the moraine behind J's house. It's simple, the way it should be.

Yes, I wish I had found him when I was younger. I wish I could erase all the dumb mistakes I made, all the people I thought would be my outdoor companions and who sadly proved not to be. But I can't. I had to learn some things first. It's like the hike I took today up Falls Creek. Somewhere way up there is Legore Lake, the highest lake in Oregon. This is what I saw:

I floundered through snow at about the three mile mark after gaining 2000 feet or so in elevation. I really wanted to get to the lake even though I knew snowshoes would be needed and perhaps more winter clothing. And more food than a Clif Bar. But I've learned patience. So I turned around. It'll happen. August maybe.


  1. But you did find him and that's what matters.
    So I am of course curious how you two met.
    Then I want to hear stories about the bear, mountain lion, alligators, fires, and so on. That ought to keep you busy for a while. :-)
    As for JMT, I hope next year is not as snowy as this one. If the creeks don't get us then I am sure mosquitoes will.

  2. If you get lucky, you find the right one the first time. If not, then you hope to get lucky the next time--and from what I have heard of the alleged J, you don't need to be scared. The two of you will have a great life together, and separately skiing and hiking. Lots of love, Ant

  3. Yeah Mary! Be brave!


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