Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stormy weather

I'm lucky that I spent seven years in a rainforest because I am okay with rain. Rain and me, we get along just fine. This spring has been spectacularly rainy here in the Wallowas, and people are pissed off.
The creeks are rising, lawns are growing, everyone wants the usual sunny days we are known for here. But for seven years I lived with near constant rain and the other side of the coin, sun mania, so I can adapt.

Today I inspected a trail contract over in the Buckhorn area. It rained softly most of the day. Because I descended and then ascended three thousand feet it was easier to just get wet rather than sweat miserably in a raincoat. There were a lot of creek crossings, and I forgot my sandals (I always forget something). At first I tried to tiptoe across the creeks....

But it's kind of hard when they turn into waterfalls...
So I just gave up and sloshed across.

Then I drove  a rocky road that was a challenge for the Liberty Sport, in search of the contractors. This is a long, spectacular ridge but you would not know it because it was completely encased in fog. It drifted in and out and it felt like I was the only person alive in the world.

The fog and drizzle made it hauntingly beautiful. Deadhorse Ridge, you are one of my new favorite places.

It will be sunny soon enough.


  1. OK, you have to come with me on JMT and guide me through as I try crossing raging creeks.
    I totally agree with getting wet from rain rather than sweat.
    We are still getting rains in SF Bay Area. Crazy but nice.

  2. Ewa, I hope you are taking hiking poles. They really help.

  3. Summer is arriving late this year, I guess...we're still in winter weather here. Since moving to the land of perma-fog/rain, I've found that there really is something beautiful about it. Eureka gets tons of fog if you ever get lonesome for it in all your sunshine....I'll mail you some.

  4. Karen, you just have to take lots of trips..that is what I discovered living in the perma fog.


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