Sunday, May 13, 2012

Walking the recovery trail

As my body heals, I've been walking. Not the kind of walking I used to do, twelve miles at a time before lunch, as fast as I could, but a new kind of walking. As I walk I feel my muscles knitting together again, the overwhelming pain of the injury fading slowly.

I walk in a historic park, a place sacred to the Nez Perce. It is sacred to me too, a half mile from my cabin, and almost always empty of people. The trails are short; you have to double back to get any mileage out of it. But it's enough.

In the past this park was a place to run through in my quest to cover miles. Now I am forced to slow down and I can't say it is all bad. There are sweet nuances I never took the time to notice before. I never thought three miles could feel like such a victory.

The shade of the ponderosas.

This little pond freezes in winter. I wonder what it would be like for swimming?

Hello, deer friends.
I can't believe I live here sometimes. I stopped and stared just like a tourist.
I'm going to be all right.


  1. I notice the same thing when I hike a place I usually run, so many things are missed that way.

    Good to hear that your back is feeling a little better!

  2. What a gem! And so close to home.

  3. That's a great little park, I'm glad you can get to it and enjoy it in this awakening season.


  4. Keep walking the Nez Perce trail, Marre, and let the spirit of Native Americans hasten your healing.

  5. Sometimes it is good to slow down even if we don't want to.
    I can't believe you live in a place like that either.

  6. Progress is a good thing. Glad to hear you are healing! Love the park too.


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