Sunday, July 22, 2012

twenty-eight miles of wilderness

When I used to run marathons, when I could still run marathons, there was a time right before the race when everything just came together. I could feel my body hum. The weeks of tempo runs, track runs, long runs--they all added up to perfect alignment. I was ready.

Now that I mostly do long distance hiking instead, I wasn't sure I would ever have that feeling again, but I did this weekend when I paired two long day hikes, gaining thousands of feet in elevation. I bounded up the trail to Ice Lake, feeling incredible. Sixteen miles and it felt like nothing.

Some large, threatening clouds came over and it began to hail so I retreated. That didn't stop 20 backpackers headed to the lake. Usually I feel regretful that I didn't bring overnight gear. Not this time! Twenty people is too much togetherness.

Sunday we headed to Dollar Lake, a small tarn  on top of a pass.

We passed by Bonny Lake on the way. Those are two dogs by the lake.

Beautiful Dollar, you are sometimes my favorite lake. There's a dog swimming in the lake, in case you were wondering.

This was a twelve mile day and I now feel like I am ready for the JMT. I'm not the weight I want to be, and my pack isn't either (32 lbs with water and food). But my body feels ready. 

I am the luckiest person in the world. Sometimes I really believe that.


  1. Your trail miles put my little day hikes to shame! You're going to rock the JMT.

  2. Wow.. Amazing you are! You inspire me to keep going. ~ Nora

  3. Wow. You sound superfit. I know the feeling you are talking about though, that springiness in your muscles, the sense of energy and ability that makes it all seem so easy. (I can't say I've felt it in many years, though I haven't given up hope).

    I have new hiking boots on the way...I hope they fit well (or else I start the try it on, send it back, order something else, try it on....).
    It sounds like you are in great shape for your JMT adventure. I hope it's a great time for you.


  4. Have a great JMT trip, Mary! It's going to be Awesome. I'm sorta-kinda-prepared but not quite. :) It's time to dust off the cobwebs and go on one very long walk. Hopefully, the body will cooperate and the rewards will follow! I still haven't actually put all my shit in the pack and weighed in. :) That's the last step this weekend. Looking forward to great adventure as I know you must be! Enjoy.


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