Thursday, November 1, 2012

I've got nothing

I thought I would have an inspiring, funny and interesting post this week. Unfortunately life was pretty ordinary.

I went for a run and took pictures.

To counteract the run, I ate about 3,000 calories of chips.

To counteract the chips, I went to the gym.

To recover from the gym, I sat and worked feverishly on a couple of writing projects.

To get away from the computer, I went to the pool.

The pool was closed.

To recover from the disappointment, I went for a nice walk in the woods.

This is why my pace is so slow on the trails. This rock section is where I fell in May and hurt my back. I don't run this part anymore.

I also split some wood, made minestrone soup, and finished two big work projects. And got another one, in Alaska.  And one in Taos. Unfortunately, I don't get to go there. I get to participate in meetings via videoconference, truly a horrifying experience.

I set out Halloween candy, but no kids came.

So I wouldn't eat all the candy, I went on a bike ride.

I realized bike riding is hard if you haven't done it in a few weeks.

So, in fact, is lifting weights.

Everything pretty much hurts.

I sent my novel to a soon to be famous writer friend of mine for critique. I am finally taking the plunge and paying for professional help. I need to determine if I am delusional or if it really is a good novel. If she says it isn't, I will hunt her down and steal her manuscript and pass it off as mine. Just kidding, K!

It's going to be seventy degrees on the Snake River, but it's also the first day of second elk season. It's going to be 43 degrees at Aneroid Lake. Guess where I'll probably go?

Life is good.


  1. Aw heck, go to Imnaha. Just wear orange! Get that super warm sun while you still can. Your editor friend sounds awesome. :-)

  2. Sounds like you packed a lot into a pretty special "ordinary day."


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