Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What makes you bounce off the walls?

Recently a Facebook friend lamented the loss of youthful enthusiasm as she watched an intern get supremely excited about being accepted into a good graduate school. Which got me thinking. In our own lives, we have to have something, even one thing, that makes us bounce off the walls. That gets us so excited that we can't stand ourselves. What's yours?

There have been times in my life when I have lost touch with the one thing. Times when even the mountains were not enough; times when I wondered if I was on the right path. Those were times when I dusted myself off and changed my life. Changing things that are not working is never an easy thing--it's like crossing a river with a strong current. There are plenty of times when you feel like you are going to be swept off your feet and carried downstream. Times when you want to bolt back to the familiar. But in the end it was always worth  it.

So what's making me bounce off the walls lately?

  • My PCT section hike! I've become a spreadsheet-creating, ounce-destroying machine! I've dropped my base weight from 22 to 14 pounds by eliminating the unnecessary and replacing the heavy. Of course, I could get down to ten pounds and truly enter the rarefied air of the ultralight if I were to sleep under a bandanna or drop $500 on a cuben fiber tent. Not happening! But I am so ready to hit the trail! There is something so seductive about a long hike that draws you back in after you have done one. It's a combination of the trail family you meet and the time it takes to completely let go of everything but the trail. 
  • My writing! This year has been a frenzy of words, with three long manuscripts, all in different genres and subjects, completed and hitting the road, looking for a home. Even if they never get published, I found that I have reached an equilibrium of sorts. Each one had to be written. One was a love story to a place I will never quite get out of my blood. The other, a quest for understanding a place and people. The third, a recollection of a time in my life that was intensely spectacular and terrifying at the same time. I'm starting on a new novel, which is always an uphill climb. I know it will be at least a year commitment, maybe more. It is completely different than the others, a step into the unknown.
  • My husband. Well, I have to say this, don't I? I am so not a sappy person. I don't swamp Facebook with those corny posters. I don't believe in soul mates or things happening for a reason. I am way too scientific for that. I am just really, really lucky that I believed a man who lied and moved with him to a little town in the middle of nowhere, and when the man who lied left, I somehow stumbled on this man who is fine with my adventurous soul. 
Okay! It's a rainy Wednesday, an easy day to count your disillusion instead of your blessings. Tell me, what things are you bouncing off the walls about today?


  1. Coming Home!!!!
    One more final exam (today) and I'm heading home next week. YAY!
    I don't get to stay, but I will be SO much closer going to school less than 2 hours away instead of 10 hours away.

  2. My adventures in general. I just really love how I feel when I'm moving, whether it is hiking, biking or running. :)

    I've also started planning the Mt. Blanc trip, but right now it is a jumble of nerves....where do I even start? Gaaaah. I get more excited after I've got everything figured out.

  3. Rick O'Shea...really can say that with an Irish background! And the may HAVE to say that, but it's true, he's worth a wall bounce (or two).

  4. 22 lbs to 14 lbs.....hopefully a future post will show off that spreadsheet.

  5. Craniosacral therapy is making me bounce off the walls and the ceiling and the floor and the furniture lately. It's such mind blowing, fascinating work that has totally stoked my passion for the healing arts.


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