Wednesday, July 10, 2013

one month until the PCT!

Where has the time gone? So, am I ready? I'll be honest: NOT AT ALL, GUYS! I feel like a hot mess of disorganization. I don't even know what pack I'm bringing! I don't know how many breakfasts I need to put in the resupplies! I don't even have the resupply boxes. All I know is, on August tenth I put my Cascadias on the trail!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a work meeting on White Pass, where the PCT passes right through. Exciting! I hiked up as far as I could and honestly? I felt a chill just imagining the fact that this trail runs all the way to the Mexican border. Do we live in a great country or what? I also realized two other things:

1. There's a lot of snow still. At 5,000 feet! Which is good. Maybe a fire won't close the trail, one of my biggest worries.
2. The mosquitoes are fierce. My plant-based repellent could not stand up to the task and I resorted to running down the trail shrieking. But they're out now, right? Which means they won't be in August?

I hiked towards Canada and towards Mexico on two separate days. Here's a lake I found.
I was trying to get a picture of Mount Rainier through these trees, but the light wasn't great. But the trees are pretty cool--really different than our trees over here on the dry side.
So, I've made a list. I'm not a big list-maker as I prefer to wing it, but that has resulted in spectacular fails in the past (See Stuck in Thunderstorm Without a Rain Fly for reference). I have gear lists, food lists, to-do lists, and lists of lists. It makes me feel a bit more organized even if I keep skipping off into the backcountry instead of actually accomplishing anything on the lists.

We also received our first trail magic without even getting on the trail! (Trail magic is when people, often complete strangers, provide things like rides, water caches, random food, or places to stay). A friend said we could stay at her house the day before the hike for our big pack explosion and resupply extravaganza. (To be honest, I asked her, but she could have said no.) Yay for trail magic!

All right. I am off to trim my insoles and put them in my shoes. Then I can cross something off my LIST!


  1. Hey Mary, look into mosquito patches - vitamin B1 based mosquito repellent. They work for me, or at least they help a little. Patches plus repellent seems to work really well.

  2. Bug jacket? Or is that too nerd-like? Very plentiful mosquito year here, too. Grand that you got to see the trail, twice!

  3. Sounds like the way I would think!

  4. Everything will come together, you'll be great! Glad you decided on the Cascadias. I know it's not the same thing, but on the TMB last month, Matt and I heard a lot of other people's foot problems from traditional hiking boots. We didn't get a single blister the whole time in our Cascadias.

    Excited for you!! :)

    PS- The only thing I ever found to work on mosquitoes is the 100% deet stuff (that takes the waterproofing off your rain coat, awful stuff), but it works. Let us know if you figure out something that isn't as toxic! :)


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