Friday, August 9, 2013

Canada, here we come

This will be my last post before we head out into the Sort-of-Wild. But don't delete me from your blogroll, because I will be back in September with tales of wilderness intrigue. Or, at least good pictures. We leave from Snoqualmie Pass on the 10th and hope to reach Manning Park by the 31st or before. Right now my pack weighs a staggering 31 pounds. I'm not a fan, but it is 50% or more food and water. I've tried to lighten the load but there are things I need. Not having had the foresight to get Lasik, I have to cart extra contacts, solution and glasses. Because I'm a rotisserie sleeper, and completely unable to sleep close to other people unless I'm married to them, I have my own tent. I have a tent and not a shelter because I haven't heard of one of the new ones that can completely stand up to wind, rain and snow like mine can. I have a Kindle because I like to read when I can't sleep. I have a solar charger in case the Kindle dies. I have my phone because I don't really want to leave it in a car parked in Seattle for three weeks. I also have extra panic snacks. I could live on the edge a little more, but instead, I am carting 31 pounds for the first seven days. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it's about ten more than what I have been carrying all summer.

You would think that the day before I am going to be hiking for 21 days that I would rest. You would think that, but you would be wrong. Circumstances aligned so that I hiked up Hurricane Creek with J to find limber pine cones for a project. We climbed above the waterfall and I found these nice little pools. It was hard to turn around. There is always so much to explore.

Earlier this week I got to hike for work to check out a bridge replacement project. It is huge, being able to do field work. I do miss it. The climb down was 2500 feet which means the climb up was too. I got very dehydrated, a rookie mistake. But it was a nice spot.

I just got a text that thunderstorms and heavy downpours are expected this weekend! Yay! But on the bright side, that means: no fire closures on the trail, it won't be hot, and I get to see how Carol's space age tent performs in rain before I buy one!

Okay, everyone be good, go on lots of adventures, and don't waste a single moment of your life.


  1. In regard to that last sentence, you go do the same and have an incredible adventure!! I'll be waiting eagerly for your reports/photos. :) :)

  2. Bon Trail Hike--stop and look and enjoy the journey!

  3. Whoop-wooo-hoo! Hope you are having a grand adventure. :) Thinking of you.


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