Friday, August 30, 2013

"How was your hike?"

What do you say about an experience that can't be summed up into words? My 280 mile hike on the Northern PCT was so many things. A few come to mind: Challenging. Humbling. Beautiful. But none can really describe it. There were moments when I wanted to get off the trail and others where I never wanted it to end. We hiked 280 miles in seventeen days, working our way up from 15 miles a day to 21. We met locals, thru-hikers and one thief. We slept nearly in the trail, on a trail bridge, and in places with glorious views. We went two weeks without a shower.

Was it a vacation? No. Right now my Achilles is popping in a disturbing way. I have an overwhelming case of the lazies. Slipping back into the fabric of my regular life is not easy. I want to run back to the woods where everything is simple. Climb 2,200 feet? Fine. Life is simple on the trail.

Surprisingly? The time to think. We chattered along at times but there were miles and miles of thoughts. This hike has made some things pretty clear. I am still absorbing its lessons and will attempt to describe them in my next post, after this weekend. Because I am going...camping.

Well, more like "Glamping." We will have coolers and chairs and real food. This is the first year of the annual Indian Crossing gathering without Ken and I need to go. Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Trail locals? The if? Sounds interesting. "Glamping" I've never heard that term before. Must be because you are glamorous.


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