Friday, August 2, 2013

One Week until the PCT!

PANIC! How did this come about so fast? In one week I will be hiking almost three hundred miles to Canada.

This is what I've done so far:

1. Mailed one resupply box (for Stevens Pass)
2. Freaked out and mailed extra chocolate for that box
3. Cut out a bigger hole for my bladder hose on my pack, and was heard to say, "oops, I don't know if I should have done that" as I cut farther than I should have
4. Experienced two equipment failures: a hole in my Darn Tough socks (Guess they aren't so darn tough) perhaps caused by a rubbing off of the back part of the fabric of my Cascadias; I've only worn them about 100 miles. Repaired Cascadias with duct tape.
5. Gathered up food and supplies for Stehekin box and for the first leg
6. Binged on extra snacks
7. Gathered a permanent gear pile in the house which I sort through obsessively
8. Packed almost my whole bag--23 pounds without tent, electronics, and some food. Trying to keep it under 30 or things get cut!
9. Pouted because I won't see Anish on the trail. She's setting the course record for a PCT hike, not just the women's record. 50 miles a day through Washington. We won't be doing that.
10. Worked like a fiend on projects so I can leave with a clear work conscience. But they keep popping up, like Whack a Mole.

What am I doing today? Working a few hours. Putting new duct tape on my hiking poles (it's a great place to store duct tape). Fretting over the immense pile of blister stuff I'm carrying. Do I really need Nuskin, bandages, moleskin, duct tape, cushiony cut-out things and special blister coverings? Probably not...Charging up electronics. Binging on snacks. Making lists...How people do the whole trail is beyond me.

So here's a question: Do I take my old, pitch-stained, holey T-shirt and skort with me and risk a homeless look, with perhaps more holes appearing, or do I wear new, cute stuff, which could get ruined, but would look more presentable?  I'll be waiting for your replies. Do you wear new stuff on a long endeavor where you know it could get trashed? or do you wear your old stuff that will end up being rags? 


  1. The new cute stuff is meant to be worn, so I'd probably go with that. I can't stand having pitch on my clothes, the stickiness never goes away!!! Grrr. I'd also bring some sort of foot repair kit..unless that's what the duct tape is for ;)

  2. New stuff needs to be broken in by a grand adventure; turned into trusty, worn stuff by awesome experience. Go for the new. :)

    Good luck on your trip! Sounds awesome!

  3. New stuff! Then they'll always be your "PCT clothes" and give you warm fuzzies whenever you wear them.

  4. Agree...definitely go for the new! You will feel good and can always be replaced...but until then, it will always be "my PCT clothes!"

  5. Ditto, ditto, ditto to your list. Next Friday, 3pm - GAME ON!! Of course wear the cute stuff. So long as it is comfortable and trail tested. (Invoking the rule of never wear new things on the trail that haven't been tested on the weekend trips.) Carol

  6. I vote for new Cute stuff, but then I'm a guy

  7. I think I always rule in favor of New Cute stuff!


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