Friday, November 22, 2013

How to set up a new tent

1. Pick a day when it's four degrees outside. Retreat to the living room with frozen fingers. Neighbors sigh in disappointment to miss the show.

2. Because you obviously can't stake it in the living room, use a vacuum cleaner, boots and chairs to stake it. Realize that this is less than optimal.

3. Make sure cats are in the room. It always helps when they are in the way.

4. Puzzle over obscure directions. "Put pointed end toward wind?"

5. Cut the stake rope too short. Get mad. Then realize you can always get new rope. Also realize that your math skills might need work.

6. Talk to yourself. "Where's the pocket? I don't see a pocket. Am I really going to have to resort to Youtube?"

7.  As each "stake" comes loose, contort self into acrobatic poses to fix while holding up the trekking poles that form the frame.

8. Think that maybe you should have stuck with the seven tents you already have. 

9. Hold breath as tent stands up.

10. Imagine the possibilities.

Tent: Skyscape X from Six Moon Designs. Sets up with two trekking poles and five stakes. Weighs 15 ounces. I can sit up in it and bring my pack inside. It has two doors and a vestibule. According to reviews it does well in rain and wind (I would  not try it in snow). I most certainly did not receive this tent for free. Will write a review if summer ever comes.


  1. Haha! this is hilarious - and you are so brave to set up that tent with the cats around, although they are pretty cute.

    1. Yes, I feared for the silnylon! I like your blog...can you go in and release me from your spam folder? For some reason all my comments on WordPress go to spam. thanks!

  2. My cat is always a big help with this sort of thing too; she specializes in fresh, warm laundry and open suitcases.

  3. Summer will be here before you know it! This blogs comes at a funny time for me because Daniel just told me he has a tent request on his Christmas list. After this weekend's adventure in temps that were in the low teens at night he believes he needs a warmer tent than the 4 he already has. Everytime he goes camping he comes home wanting something different supply wise. Will it ever end? Or do I have situations like yours to look forward to the rest of his time in my house? He sets up his tents in his bedroom too and always comes upstairs asking for things to "stake" it down in his room. Glad the kitties could help. GIve them both a squeeze for me.

    1. Go, Daniel! Yes, absolutely he needs a different tent for every occasion!


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