Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monkey Bars(will be) back on the trail!

Let me tell you, it is one wild party at our house. As I type this, two dogs are  lying like rugs in front of the fire. J is looking at gear on the computer. One dog is on the porch. The cat is the only thing showing signs of life, racing back and forth through the house.

Here's a sample conversation:

J: "We've got chores to do tomorrow!"
Me: "Groan. CHORES..I hate chores.."
J: "You are NEVER going to live on a farm."

 It's Saturday night, party people.

I don't have any big things to report.  Except...Monkey Bars lives in 2014! I've come up with a PCT plan for 2014. But first, two scenes from this week:

I mean, seriously, Why leave? 

I was the Only.One.On.The.Lake. Unbelievable.
When I emailed Scout about my PCT plan, she wrote back: "Are we like the women who have a baby and then forget about the pain of childbirth?"

Well, perhaps.

I've forgotten about the bonk as I stumbled down towards Milk Creek. Sleeping on a trail bridge. Golf ball sized hail. Shivering at Hopkins Lake, everything soaked. The Achilles, completely spaced on that. I forget how I vowed to spend August at home since it is the best month of all.

Want to hear it? Of course you do! My plan is to start at the Washington border and hike to Snoqualmie Pass, thus finishing off Washington State. The trail passes through several wilderness areas including the sublime Goat Rocks. This section is 247 miles, so about 30 shorter than last year. Theoretically it ought to take somewhere around 15 days at 17 miles/day. However we blazed through the last one in 17.5, so you just never know. Twenties may become the rule. The only wrinkle in this plan is that resupply is difficult. The last 99 miles are easy for that because you can mail yourself a box to White Pass. The first 147, not so much. Most hikers hitch to Trout Lake, which sounds like a very cute little town, but would also take too much time (got to get back to work, you know). But--nine months to figure it out. I think I've tempted Scout into it. We will see...

I have another plan I am chewing on. I'd like to spend 50 nights in a tent, reached to that tent under human power, in 2014. This year coming up is the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act and I think it is fair to say that wilderness has changed my life. I don't know if I can do it. This year I had 32 nights, with 4 more nights car camping, which doesn't really count. I'll start the 50th challenge in January and run it through the whole 12 months. It means I have to embrace winter camping or quit my job. Ahem. I guess I'd better get that winter gear out...

So, you see these aren't huge plans. They aren't plans to run  50K in the frozen Alaska wasteland like some of my bloggy friends, or to push a bike to Nome or whatever craziness they are coming up with. No Ironman in my future either. Just this. With full time work, this is all I can do, but it is what I want to do. And that's what it's all about.

What little or big plans do you have for the next year? 


  1. I think your hike sounds awesome! Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in what other people are doing. In my blog world, everyone is running like a marathon every two weeks. That sounds like hell to me. I'm more quality races over quantity. And that's fine. Do your own thing and try not to compare yourself to others. I think you're pretty great on your own accord!

    Next year, I'm not sure what I'm going to do beyond the Little Su and a marathon in May. Matt and I are thinking of a trip to either Quebec or the Canadian Rockies. We'll see how his vacation time holds out. For some silly reason, our families expect to see us once a year too. ;)

    1. Part of me really wished I wanted to do some of the things my blight friends do, but honestly? I guess I'd rather read about them!

  2. You forgot the bad moments because the beautiful ones were worth so much more!

    I've started to tentatively plan the JMT next summer, although I don't have much long distance backpacking experience. But first I have to finish my master's degree - the big challenge this year!

  3. Oh the will love it.

  4. oops.. "Blight"? Hmm..Bloggy.


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