Sunday, November 17, 2013

My first reading!

Big news people! I was invited to be one of three writers reading their writing by Fishtrap, which is an organization here that promotes writing by hosting workshops and events (I've been to their writer's retreat twice). This is a big deal because I really don't strut around town bragging about my Pushcart nomination (people here might think it's something to do with wheelbarrows anyway) or about my published essays. It is also the first time I have read for an audience (except for writing groups).

The piece I am planning to read is an essay I dashed off a couple of days ago about transitioning from the gypsy life to a more settled one, in the context of trying to understand a piece of land (Hells Canyon). It's no secret to anyone who reads this blog that I have a love/fear relationship with the canyon. It keeps me on a ragged edge. At first glance, why would anyone want to go there? You can get lost. You can get cliffed. You can get bitten, chewed on, break out in an oily rash. But there's something about the canyon that keeps me going back.

But the big question is...

WHAT DO I WEAR?! Choosing an outfit to run, ski or hike in is so much easier!

 I would love to wear this long lace skirt. It could be a bit too over the top?

Or, I could wear one of these:
Not me, sadly.

Mine is black.
  Or, a sweaterdress...

This pic is from cameocollection's sale on Ebay. You have to not eat in order to wear it.

While most folks' everyday outfits are fleece, wool and Carhartt related around here, there are some women who can break out a stylish outfit. I so rarely get to wear cute stuff. What do you think? A, B, C or D?

But wait! Isn't this supposed to be an outdoors adventure blog, Monkey Bars? Yes, yes it is. Lately though I have been eating brownies doing a ton of writing on my memoir, baking artisan bread, and sticking closer to home. It's been good to slow down a little bit, but I will gear up again--it snowed enough overnight that skiing is no longer just a dream. And it begins....

Winter camping! I ordered the winter version of the Neo Air and got a foam pad to cut to torso length. I'm ready, people! Unfortunately I cannot find my snowshoes! J thinks I left them at a trailhead, but would I really have done that? It's hard to lose something like snowshoes in 1,000 square feet of house. However, I bought them in 1997 and there are a lot of better ones out there now. I'm using J's in hopes he gets tired of that and buys me some for Christmas....


  1. Do what your sister says; she's way more contemporary than I am. :-) People will notice what you wear but will pay lots more attention to your words.
    Have a great time!

  2. I love A, & C! You could squeak by with B but I think it is a little too casual. I don't like D that much. I thnk the lace skirt in A really is toned down with the boots so it wouldn't look so over the top.

  3. Congrats! After the reading @ Fishtrap, can you share the piece with your public?

  4. Congratulations. I'd go with the lace BUT not with the boots!


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