Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workout Indecision: A Play in Five Acts

Director's note: This is a fictional account of what my retired neighbor may have said, based on real-life events.

Act 1. 9:00 AM. In the manufactured home next door. "Hey (Domestic Partner)! Looks like our obsessive neighbor is at it again. She's got her backpack and some mud boots. She must be heading down to the Devils Gulch trail today. Heck of a drive for what  might be a soggy mess, but she works all week on the computer, can't blame her. I'm glad I don't work anymore, so more than two days of the week are precious....Whoa there partner, it looks like she's checking out the clouds. There is a 70% chance of rain down in that Imnaha country. Might be a risky move. Looks like she's going back inside the cabin!"

Act II. 9:15 am. "There she is again, with her Katoohla micro spikes. Uh-oh, looks like she's decided to hike the lake trails. Not a good idea. With this recent rain and freeze, it's bound to be a sheet of ice up there. I'm betting she'll be back in five minutes. Set the watch, honey!"

Act III. 9:20 am. "Heh heh heh. Can I call it or what? She's back with a depressed look on her face. And what's this? She's heading for the car in a running skirt? Ah, it's the last resort, the gym treadmill. Her gym is called Motivations, but she sure doesn't look motivated to go there! Wait, what's this, she's taking her gym bag back inside!"

Act IV. 9:30 am. "Hello! Now she's got running tights on. She must have decided to save the gas and just run from here, even though she's got to pound the pavement because the trails are ice city. Sure hope that mean dog isn't sitting out there by the Hill of Death, heh heh heh. Oh but look--she's wavering! That cabin door is getting a workout even if she isn't!"

Act V. 9:45 am. "Sure hope she isn't fixing to ride that bike trainer again. That thing can raise the dead. Whoops--there she is with snowshoes! She must be heading to Fergi ski area to snowshoe to Papoose Lake. Well, I could have told her to do that hours ago! Man, this has been so much excitement that I'm ready for a nap!"

(Curtain falls).

just for the record, snowshoeing was the perfect thing to do. It was sunny and warm and crusty snow. Even if it did take forever to decide.


  1. Hey, better to get outside and do something rather than staying at home. Looks like a wonderful trip!

  2. Definitely looks better than what it would have looked like inside at the gym on a treadmill. Glad you decided to snowshoe and enjoy outdoor exercise.

  3. Haha, I feel like this sometimes. It's tough making such important decisions!

  4. This sounds like something right out of a comedy movie!
    What a mental picture you just gave me, great stuff Mary.
    Keep those neighbors guessing....:)

  5. Just had a great laugh! Beautiful photo.

  6. Hysterical. I can picture your neighbors. I want to go snowshoeing! It's supposed to be in the 50's here today...snow? not here.


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