Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Got Clean Water? LifeStraw Review and Giveaway!

Step one, open the top and bottom caps.

Step two, put the filter end in the water source.
Whoa there partner! You are at the right blog. I often get requests from people to review products, add my content to their platform, or write for them for free. I don't do it, because I don't want to become one of those blogs. But when I was given the opportunity to test out and write a review of LifeStraw, I thought: there's a product I can get behind.

Why? Because I've tried every water filtration system known to woman, and I'm always interested in new ways to get clean water. I tend to be a bit of a camel, hiking on without adequately fueling, which can lead to dangerous bonks. So bring it on, LifeStraw!

I have to admit, when I opened up the package, I thought: Is this it? How can this be? But apparently the LifeStraw is used in emergencies all over the world.  It's  so lightweight (2 oz!) and relatively small that it wouldn't be a big deal to haul it along on trips, even on trail runs (you would have to have a pocket). In fact, that is where I think this product would shine: on trail runs and day hikes where there's water to filter, and as a back-up on backpacking trips. By doing that you could eliminate the bladder issue, as in: the sloshing bag of water as you run or fast-hike. 

I packed the LifeStraw on my recent day hike to still-mostly-frozen Bonny Lakes. At nearly 8,000 feet, spring is just beginning. It's a slog through intermittent snowbanks, over fallen trees, and searching for cut logs to make sure you are on the actual trail. I even got snowed on, which just seems wrong, but there you go. 

So there I was, in need of water, and all you do is this--flip off the caps on either end of the straw, insert the filter end into your water source, and drink. Genius! It takes a little effort at first but after that it's just like sipping your favorite beverage.  Only it's filtering out bacteria (the folks at LifeStraw say "LifeStraw® uses hollow fiber microfiltration technology to remove up to 99.99999 percent of waterborne bacteria and 99.9 percent of waterborne protozoan cysts to provide clean, safe potable water."). 

No more sitting with a wet butt by the stream pumping water or waiting for chemicals. There are no batteries to worry about. And for someone who is notoriously hard on gear, it doesn't look like I could break it.  You could make this work even more efficiently by packing along a collapsible cup or a dedicated "dirty water bottle". You could then just fill that container up, move along, and then sip away in camp. You clean it by blowing back through the straw. Granted, when I did this, I felt like nothing was happening--but I had only used it twice, so..

The bottle option. Kind of fuzzy, sorry! It was cold. You get the idea.
I like to drink as I walk along, though, without bending over at a stream, or stopping to get things out from my pack, so for backpacking trips the LifeStraw would be a back-up plan. However, I can see myself sitting by a stream taking a break and using it on the trail. Sometimes I don't want to take the time to filter, and a Straw would be handy that way--just sip up some water and move on. 

Negatives? Honestly I don't really see any, unless you wait until you are desperately thirsty to use it. It's sipping through a straw, people. Don't expect to power down gallons of water in a short amount of time.

Here's the product info:

  LifeStraw website: http://bit.ly/1fff5bJ      LifeStraw Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1fq6iUm

And the disclosure:    The LifeStraw® product and information have been provided by Vestergaard.  I was sent a free product for a review. However, my opinions are my own and not influenced by the free swag. I wouldn't lie to you guys!

Want one? Of course you do!

Here's how you get one! Post a comment about why you NEED the LifeStraw. I will pick an impartial judge (MY HUSBAND, who wants one!) and he will pick the best entry ( I will hide your name, just in case he knows you!) Just so you know, I have to provide your mailing addy to the company because you will get it from them. If you win, I will send that address to them, so I will be asking you for it (don't put it in the comments).

You have until June 23 at 5 pm Pacific Time. Ready? GO!

Step three, drink!


  1. I've heard of this product, but you are the first review I've read. If you think it is a good deal, then that's all I need to hear - now I've got to have one! If you read much of my blog, then you know I'm an avid hiker - this would be great on long dayhikes. I wouldn't need to pack a huge volume of water. Pick meee!!! :)

  2. AARGH--sorry about the fonts. They look fine in the draft! Get out your reading glasses I guess!

  3. Have you tried the Sawyer Mini? Basically same idea, $20 and good for 100,000 gallons. I put mine inline with a collapsible 1 liter bag/bottle. Grab a liter, drink a liter with hiking. LOVE the freedom!

    1. The Mini is great, a little different in terms of use. I can't believe only Linda wants a free LifeStraw so far!

  4. I'm a camel too! Even though I bring 2L of water on all my trail runs, I'm still the thirsty person begging my husband for sips of his by the end of the run. The date your giveaway closes is our wedding anniversary, sounds like the fates want me to win, hehe! :)

    PS- Thank you for not being one of THOSE blogs. I've stopped reading so many (otherwise great) running blogs lately because they are too heavy on the product reviews and giveaways.

  5. Ah geez 4 hrs and 16 minutes past deadline...lol. I wouldn have passed it onto Dan who is more likely to find himself in a situation where it is needed.

  6. I can see that i need to keep more current! Who knew a free giveaway would come along! I read about these awhile back and thought they sounded like a great backup option to have on hand. I love my steripen, but a backup option is always a good idea.

  7. That is wicked, comfy and portable. I mean, it's laudable enough that you are keeping your water safe as much as possible, with all the means that you can grab for a trip or trek or two. Your mini-filter is a smart take on that kind of stuff. Kudos to you!

    Verna Griffin @ AXEON Water Technologies


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