Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where the Living is Easy

I've lived so long in mountain towns that when I went to southern Michigan this week, I realized how...easy...summer could be. You don't have to lug a fleece jacket with you for the inevitable evening deep freeze! You don't have to wait for the sun to poke over the mountains and run to stand in a patch to warm up! You can swim a half mile across a lake and not have to wear a wetsuit!

Looking back at the cottage (it's red)

It's a warm rain! Running is SO EASY without elevation and very tall hills!

Lake Michigan!

Your hair is curly without effort! There are nice relatives, some of which have known you forever, and you don't have to be anybody but yourself!

There are big spiders..Wait. Um...

This is how it went: Wake up at the decadent hour of 8:00. Swim across the lake and back, or run on the lovely Rails to Trails Kal-Haven trail. So flat! With mile markers so you know how far and how fast! Come back. Eat strawberries. Entertain. Swim. Go out in the pontoon boat and look at all the houses. Eat some more.

I worked hard on the Art of Hanging Out. I'm actually terrible at this. I always SAY that I want to do nothing, but in reality it's hard for me. I fret about getting in the backcountry, or getting chores done, or something supposedly pressing. At Mill Lake, there were seamless hours of sun and rain and glorious thunderstorms where we didn't have to do anything but look at old family photos, poke around in cemeteries and hear old stories, and...hang out.

My typical vacation is hiking 20 miles a day on the PCT, so this was eye-opening. And actually...pretty nice. I kind of miss it....

LifeStraw update: There were three entries (I included Kim's because well..I didn't get home until just now to read it.) I decided to do a random number generator with entries #1, #2, and #3, and the winner is #2! So Karen, if you want to private message me your mailing address, I will send it in and you can get your Straw! For anyone else reading this, I promise not to do reviews and giveaways very often, but check out the LifeStraw, it's under $30 and is a great safety item!


  1. Great to see you hanging out, the folks on J's side, and the summer place where he grew up. After 1,000 miles, we are collapsed back in the chilly, rainy home place.

  2. Love that trail. When we're in Kzoo visiting family we'll often go for walks, and it really feels like a bit of wild in the midst of city and cornfields.

  3. I have a similar epiphany on my summer visits back to Michigan. You get to wear shorts without a sweater to keep warm? Mind officially blown. Your lakes aren't super cold? Wow. Rail trails are the best, I wish there were more around here.

  4. Learning to hang out is important, though sometimes I wonder if having learned how to do it (thanks to a horsewreck several years ago that kept me in my hammock reading in order to keep my leg elevated) that it comes too easy now...:-p


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