Thursday, May 14, 2015

Going down the road feeling bad

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You know you've been traveling too much when:

1. The late night guy at the Holiday Inn Express says, "Everyone else here thought you weren't going to make it tonight, but I told them you would, you always do!" at midnight.

2. You know exactly where the healthy sandwiches, the good places to sit without crowds, and the quiet bathrooms are at SLC, SEA, DTW and PHX.

3. You start thinking uncharitable (but funny) thoughts about how other people are dressed, such as the following:

  • "The zoo called, they're missing a zebra."
  • "I'm sorry, but leggings without a shirt to cover your butt is not a good look on anyone."
  • "The 1980s wants their acid washed jeans back."
  • "What. Is. That."
  • "No. Just, no."
4.  You have two hours to drive to the airport and you know exactly where the landmarks are, how long it will take you, and where the escapee goats will be on the road.

5. You have 4 oz toiletries permanently packed in ziplock bags in your bathroom cabinet

6. You have discovered multiple uses for the shower cap in hotel rooms. E.g. It fits over some tupperware containers in the fridge when you can't find the lid!

7. You never need to buy soap because you swipe it from hotels.

8.  You wake up and aren't sure what town you are in.

9.  You start evaluating the people charging the plane gate by how hard it would be to sit next to them for four hours, with them in the middle seat. The guy with the McDonald's food? For the love of Pete, no! The person with the aggressive cologne? No! Okay, there's a quiet skinny one, bring it!

10. You arrive home and realize you have 22 days until you have to travel again, and you think: that's a really long time!

Some years I barely travel. This year has been travelpalooza. I really like being someplace but the travel is not very fun. Was it ever? I don't know. Maybe in the days of empty airplanes and before all the security screeniings, and when you could still find great hotels for under $100. 

But it's the price I pay for having adventures. What's next? I am going to Sonora, California, for actual FIELD WORK. Yes! I will be looking at the Rim Fire restoration project. So I started looking at the map and thinking, Well....Fresno is not that far from Sequoia National Park, where I used to work, so maybe I could go early and rent a car....and stay in a tent cabin..and day hike..and...

And so it begins. I bring a lot of this travel on myself, so I have only myself to blame. There will only be unanswered questions, such as: why do people stand on the moving walkway? Why don't more people use stairs? Why do the pilots take all of the Holiday Inn cookies? Why am I the only one in the hotel fitness center? And so on. Because, staying home is nice, but so is seeing the world.


  1. Yup, I do a fair amount of travel and can relate to a lot of these. People-watching at the airport is my favorite part about air travel.

    1. It would be interesting to have pictures from decades ago and now to see how airport dress has changed. It definitely has! And it is different depending on what part of the country you are in too!

  2. I'm sure traveling all the time gets old, but to someone who never gets to travel for work it sounds great to see new places.

    1. I always try to make the best of it, because I never know when the work travel will be shut down. I look around at what is nearby and see how hard it would be to take extra days to get there. There is a fair amount of paperwork this requires but it always has been worth it.

  3. Hahaha....I was pretty sure, until I checked the link under the photo, that the girl in the window seat with the "oh, no" seatmate was YOU. And BTW, years ago, people actually dressed up to travel by plane, and it seemed everyone was much more courteous and patient.

    1. No--I don't eat food on airplanes like that girl is doing. Right or wrong, I don't feel like people should have to smell my food. I will eat snacks, though, like energy bars. I think the best airline I've been on is Quantas.

    2. The best airline I've been on was Aer Lingus, the Irish airline. Made you realize what air travel could be like.

  4. People did dress up...but many of them were smoking on airplanes. Ugh. Friends who traveled on it say Korean Airlines is terrific.

    1. Hmm, clearly I should be doing more international travel.

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    1. Goats??? Are you doing talk to text again?

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