Sunday, December 27, 2015

What it is like on the South Rim

True confession: I stopped at REI and bought a fleece sleeping bag liner. Even though I'm pretty sure I have one at home. Even though I feel desperately mummified in them. Panic packing is never a good thing. But...
Here on the rim it is about 8 degrees. Peering down the Bright Angel Trail, I can see snow and ice for a good long ways. Down at the river, the highs will range from 40 to a low of about 20. There is even a possibility of snow. So...
Packing for winter backpacking is so hard. If I did it more, and was a warmer person, it might be easier. But I am colder than most. Well...
In the end, I am packing a surfeit of clothes. I paid more attention to clothes than food. We will see how this strategy pays off.
The canyon rim is, surprisingly, packed with people. Most will not set foot below the rim. You can tell who will and who won't.
Will I have enough clothes? Will we make it to the north rim (snow reports range widely)? What have we forgotten, and what do we wish we had left behind? Soon, the truth will be known.


  1. We were on the south rim on the 22nd. Full on fog...couldn't see anything. I may have cried a bit. We have a do over scheduled loosely for the 31st...hoping for so e clear weather :)

    1. Did you go? We hiked out on the first.

    2. We did! With kids, the hiking wasn't anything like what you did, but it was an amazing clear (albeit cold) day that I was immensely grateful for!

  2. Safe hiking. Have fun. I look forward to reading of this adventure soon.

  3. Sounds like a good hike, hope you have a good experience.


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