Wednesday, April 6, 2016

On the Edge of Somewhere

There's lots of times we walk on edges. It might be walking the tightrope between what is and the way we wish it was without falling off. It might be balancing our dreams so they last through whatever adversities we are facing. Or it might be as simple as looking over the edge of a canyon, wishing we had the time to hike all the way to the river, but accepting that this will have to be good enough for now.
We pitched our tents in the perfect spot, on the bench overlooking the rest of the canyon.
One of my favorite things is bringing people to a new place. I brought one friend and two strangers, who became friends. The canyon is like that. We stood on the bench, wanting to go further but knowing we only had the one night. The river will have to wait for another day. It's a slim window in this place, but we had hit it just right. The rivers were running high, we only found two ticks, and the snakes were absent.

A lot less snow than last time.

Rain fell softly on our tents during the night but cleared up by morning. It was the perfect trip, and we all agreed this would keep us going on our edges until the next time.

Sunrise from the tent.

Rain clouds, but it was okay.
I'm walking some edges right now. Wanting the freedom to keep writing my third book, wanting more time in general. But I can't let myself fall off into what's negative. We all  know people like that, and they aren't pleasant to be around. Trips like this let me know what will be possible someday, and that's enough for now.


  1. Lovely thoughts and place...glad you could show new places to new friends. Happy Trails for the next week.

  2. My favorite thing about being on the edge is being able to see into different places, and feeling like I have the choices to make.

    Ah rain on the tent- sweet!

    1. That's true--there are so many places to fan out to. It's almost paralyzing, but you can't make a wrong choice.

  3. Oh, now I've got the bug to go camping! :)

    1. Hells Canyon is the place! If you feel like driving a long way, that is. Look up the Saddle Creek hike over Freezeout Saddle.

  4. I love introducing new people to my favorite places too.


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