Sunday, November 6, 2016

Everyone's at Freezeout

I haven't been sick for four years and this year alone I caught two colds. It's hard not to be annoyed at this. However, my choice was either to cough uncontrollably at home on a sunny day or go for a hike. Spoiler alert! Hike it was. I always feel better when I'm moving.

T-N-T and I pulled up to the Saddle Creek trailhead to find an uncommon sight. It was completely packed with hunting camps. It was the second day of elk season, and apparently everyone had decided to come here. Most of the hunters were hanging around camp, not doing a lot of hunting. So we set out. Since all three of us were afflicted with varying degrees of the same malady, we took it slowly.
See the hikers? This shows the scale.

This hike will eventually bring you to the Snake River, but we were only going to the saddle. It's about three miles, and is all uphill. Everything here is uphill, it's just a matter of how steep the uphill is. This isn't terrible as far as elevation change goes--about 2000 feet gained.

On the saddle at last, there's a great view of Hells Canyon and Idaho, under the clouds.

Strangely enough as we sat there a mysterious convergence of diverse users showed up to this one place in time.
 Some downhill mountain bikers...
 some hunters on foot....
 And some horse packers (no photos of them).

It was a coincidental merging of very different people in one small place. And even though we were all doing our own thing, we could agree on something: the place where we stood was important to us. Keep public lands public!
As we descended the trail, T said, "Now all we need to see is Jordan," referring to someone who always seems to appear in the wilderness. We arrived at the trailhead and...there was Jordan. Coincidence? I think not.

Sucking on cough drops, we made our way home. Sleep without Nyquil was doubtful. But it had been a good day. It was good to see everyone out there enjoying a beautiful place. There was plenty of room for everyone to get along.


  1. Beautiful Mary and so weird cause I also have a cold, the first one I've had in a couple of years. Glad to see that you don't let it get you down and you still go out and enjoy the beauty that's all around you.

    1. Today I feel like I was hit by a truck. But it was worth it...I think..

  2. loved the name of your blog as being from mountainous area it resemble the feeling of my heart when i live away from them

    i love your hiking .
    it is wonderful and thrilling .glad that company of strangers did not bother
    loved deeply these mountains dear

  3. Great photos, especially when enlarged. Love the view of the golden grasses along the hillside. It's encouraging to know that several types of wilderness users can share a place without too much impact on others. Yay for wilderness places and public lands.

    1. It was the most people I've ever seen there, but good to see everyone getting along.

  4. Gorgeous scenery! One of these days I need to make it over to your part of Oregon. I once worked with someone who's philosophy about being sick was "you're going to be miserable whether you stay at home or go do something, might as well be doing something."

    1. I have that philosophy too. And I work at home, so I don't have to infect anyone. The dog just gets to hear me sniffle.


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