Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stuff people say on trail

Guys! I found smoke free air in Northern California! I had to come down here for work so's this trail called the PCT, you may have heard of it? I managed to wrangle four days to hike another section! I'll post about that when I get home. The TL;DR version is: Low expectations=exceeded!

In the meantime, please enjoy the Stuff People Said on Trail. What are some less enlightened, or just odd, things people have said to you?

"I only filter water in lakes and ponds, not in creeks."

"Sweetheart, EVERY creek will have campsites."

"How come you picked up my hat and carried it with you when you found it? You're supposed to leave stuff on the trail in case people come back for it." ( wouldn't even HAVE your hat if I hadn't carried it until I found you).

"There aren't any bears up here. Bears only come up high to hibernate." (I've never seen so many bear tracks on a trail!)

"You didn't hike to Ashland this year. My house is right on the trail and I would have seen you." (Okay, that is just slightly creepy)

A strange sight: a man with a backpack, plus two full bear canisters. "I wear these strapped in front."

"I didn't see any poison oak on the trail." !!!!

"I've hiked the whole trail but I don't remember this part."

"My food is in ziplock bags in my pack, so I'm not worried about bears."


  1. LOL! Some people are quite unbelievable, especially the 'hat guy'.
    Fantastic that you got to cover some more PCT.

    1. He asked me suspiciously what I was going to do with it. I should have just left it!

  2. Him: "Which way is it to the trailhead?"
    Me: "Which trailhead?"
    Him: "There's more than one?"
    This in a park which has a map of the park's trail system displayed at each trailhead.

  3. These are some really good ones!!!! My favorite and one I hear all too often in variations: "is there something to eat at the top?" I simply cannot believe how many people think there are restaurants/stores on every mountaintop. It is also sad how many people ask if there is water at the top. Plan ahead and prepare people!!!!

    1. Well, that is something I haven't heard. I have heard, though, "is it worth it?" Hard to answer!


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