Saturday, January 9, 2010

Go out with someone who..(wilderness version)

In order to counterbalance the previous post, here's a toast to the wonderful wilderness men of my past. Despite other flaws they may have exhibited, in the wilderness they were strong, capable, even strangely more handsome. Have you noticed how the outdoors makes everyone more beautiful? So here's my advice:

Go out with someone who stands at the bottom of a scary hill to catch you when you are afraid of falling on your skis.

Go out with someone who lets you hike in silence sometimes,instead of incessantly buzzing about like a mosquito.

Go out with someone who will start the fire/hang the bear bag/put up the tent, not because you can't, or because they think you can't, but because they want to do it for you.

Go out with someone who knows how to string up a tarp so that rain doesn't blow in or that water doesn't collect on top and suddenly unleash a deluge on everything.

Go out with someone who knows when it is time to turn around and doesn't mind admitting it, even if you don't get to where you want to go.

Go out with someone who is man (or woman, as applicable) enough to ask how to do something if he/she doesn't know, and listens to your answer.

Go out with someone who lets you decide sometimes where to put the tent, what to make for dinner, or how far to go that day, and is okay with actually doing it.

Go out with someone who is happy to show you something: a waterfall, a patch of moonworts, how to rake sand on a sloping pebble beach to make a tent site.

Go out with someone who will play in the wilderness: make a snow angel, start a snowball fight, skinnydip in a lake.

Go out with someone who thinks you look great sweaty, stinky, your hair in dreadlocks, in the same pair of shorts you've worn for five days.

May we all have wonderful wilderness companions!

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