Tuesday, January 12, 2010

off to see the world

I'm in a most unwildernessy spot, a Holiday Inn in Lewiston, Idaho, waiting eagerly for them to put out the milk and cookies. I've discovered why I haven't had a TV for two years: I am instantly mesmerized by it. If all goes well, tomorrow night, very late, I will be in Fort Myers Beach. Kind of strange that this morning I was in a room full of fifty prospective bidders for a handful of contracts for trail maintenance. Now I hear a bunch of kids in the pool.

My co-worker has never been on a jet and he is my age. I can see sometimes why people stick close to home. This mountain range, he knows. I am envious of how he can take a line on a map and describe the rocks, the seasons when you can cross the rivers, and what you will find there. Always a toss-up: stay or go?

Time to go get some cookies. I'll be back in a week. It will be time to get back into the woods again for sure.


  1. Have a great, adventurous, reconnect-with-friends, exciting week, Mary!

  2. Flap your wings and have some warm...contrasts are good from time to time!


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