Tuesday, March 23, 2010

skiing and other things

Today I was up at Fergi, watching Jerry ski. Just for fun, here is a video. I love how graceful he is, though of course he said that this wasn't a very good run.

John and Dan, my co-workers, are down in the Imnaha, hunting up old traces of abandoned trails. It's spring break and everyone is out down there, fishing and hiking as spring comes to the canyon. The blackberry bushes are sprouting and the poison ivy is coming along nicely.

Here it is mud season. I've never lived through a mud season before so it is kind of entertaining. I went for a run and my shoes became completely encased in mud, so I was struggling like a huge-footed prehistoric creature down the road. It's a good thing that no ranchers drove by to observe the comical sight.

In Sitka my truck grew moss but here it just gets coated with mud. The dogs get muddy too--they aren't white anymore but a strange shade of brown. The trails are a strange mixture of snow, ice and mud. You can't get very far. You're reduced to a shuffling sort of jog.

It instills patience. And a slower pace.

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