Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my other lives

It's been a slow week here outdoors-wise. It's typical spring here-snow, wind, rain, mud. A mixed bag for doing anything. (Although I did weasel my way onto an incredible trip--I get to backpack in the Seven Devils this summer, collecting fish for a methyl mercury study. Initial sampling has shown high levels of mercury in the high lakes and we want to sample more locations. I found out a ton about mercury--or HG as I can now loftily call it. Fascinating stuff!)

I get to go in this mountain range and get paid to fish! Yay!

Waiting for my ride to go to a meeting, I decided to google myself. I couldn't believe how many of me there are. That got me started thinking about all the people with my name living their lives out there, so very different than mine. That led me to thinking about how many different paths I could have chosen. Here's a sample of the women with my same name I found:

I could have been a vet in Arkansas.

I could have owned a flower shop in Wyoming.

I could work at a plastic surgery center in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

There were many others. Waitress at a diner. Watercolor artist. Bookstore owner. And even more interesting, lots of women with my name lived in the 1800s. A census listed a ten year old girl, "cannot read or write" in Pennsylvania in 1870 (we've come a long way, ladies). Someone with my name was a "captive of the Indians" in 1783 (no word of her fate).

Seriously I know that just because I share a name with someone doesn't mean much. But so many things in my life have hinged on chance. A summer job at a state park led to a volunteer job with the Park Service which led me in a completely different direction. There are crossroads everywhere you look.

Have you ever googled to see what people bear your name? What did you find out?


  1. May I join you on your trip this summer? Oh, wait, I will be doing JMT. Maybe I need to clone myself, which brings me to all those multiple lives. If there is any truth to the parallel universes theory there are many Ewa's out there living other lives. Hmm... And yes, I will be checking (read googling) what the other Ewas are doing here on this planet in this universe.

  2. When I have googled myself I get Eunice, Louisiana. The city website has a lot of 'Links.' The other name that comes up is my mother-in-law, she too is Eunice Link. So no real vision into other lives. I have learned over the years of running across other Euni that frequently they change the pronunciation of their name just because they don't like it. I am fine with it. When I do something dumb, I call it doing a Eunice.

  3. Although I have a common first name, my last is unusual; hence, not much to add on that end.
    The most "interesting"/funny thing about my last name is that Word Spellcheck comes up with "senile" as a suggested "correction." LOL

  4. Nothing as wide-ranging as yours, but the saddest was a namesake in El Paso, much younger than I am, who loved to hike and backpack and just died of breast cancer. So sad.

    The strangest was a namesake living in Knoxville, Tennessee, which is where I was born, though not using this first name when I lived there. Spooky.

  5. Looking in LinkedIn, I found two in PA (nurse, computer consultant), two in Chicago (librarian, clinical psychologist), one in FL (CPA), and one in London (account manager). None of us too wide-ranging, either, at least in our professional lives--looks like words and numbers catch our fancy.

  6. Eunice, I knew that at one time but I still find it funny! And I recall "pulling a Eunice" from our Mackinac days!

  7. Nobody shares my maiden name! :) However if I use my married name I could be a lot of things. Just to name a few; Sales, Marketing, Financial Services, Management Consultant, and Information Technology.

    I like just being plain old Kim though. Really when it all comes down to it there is nobody just like me.


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