Saturday, April 9, 2011

Staying Home

Years ago, when I lived in (Conservative Ranching Town Six Hours From Here), I never stuck around. On the weekends I escaped to nicer venues: Crater Lake, Bend, here. I couldn't fathom staying put in a wind-driven, tumbleweed-infested place with no trails, no place to swim, no kindred souls. I used to spot Gary, the only other single person I knew, on our mutual street late on a Sunday.

"They never go anywhere," I shuddered, indicating the neighbors, who labored in their yards, worked on their houses, went to the grocery store. Didn't they know there was a big world out there? That their lives were flashing by at warp speed? Didn't they want to see everything there was?

I would never go back there to live, but now I kind of get it. They liked it there. It was their home. And I was a girl without a home, searching for one.

With that in  mind, I decided to stay home this weekend. Jerry is on his drink beer with the guys Men's Ski Trip and I have a free, selfish two days. Yes, it looks like it might be sunny enough to attempt a backpack to the Snake River. Oh, the Wenaha might be nice! Hmm, Anthony Lakes? But in the end I decided to appreciate my back yard. And it has been great so far.
I ventured over the flume.

Pretty nice view from the State Park a half mile from my house.

Wallowa Lake, only a month or so until Operation Pink Kayak can begin. Not to mention Swimming with Wetsuit While Others Think I am Crazy.

I'm not missing a thing.


  1. These views are to kill for.
    Oh, oh, I love Crater Lake. What a magical place.

  2. Your home is absolutely beautiful!

    Hubby and I plan to hit Crater Lake sometime this summer. I'll have to hit you up for suggestions when we begin planning.

  3. To repeat an old cliche: Home is where the heart is...and you have a beautiful home, and the spirit to appreciate it.

  4. I don't know if you remember me. I'm Janet who took that LNT course with you and Scott Harris in Sitka years ago. I'm truly touched by your blog. You're writing is so genuine and crafty. I can feel your words and the place's you describe. I echo your love for the wilderness. How blessed you are.


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