Sunday, August 7, 2011

A day on the pass photo essay

Here's the lower Bonny Lake. Pass is in the background.
There's not much I can say that is better than just showing where I was today. Though it was a sluggish start, I made it up to the pass in record time and was alone in the bright blaze of sun and wind.
The trail continues down into the East Fork of the Wallowa River. Those mountains are a chain that separate the two forks of the river.

Happiness is: no thunderstorms, wilderness and chocolate chip cookies.

I had to cross a snowfield. Katey, recognize these shoes?
A big open playground.

I passed a group of retired smokejumpers who were doing volunteer trail maintenance. Love them. And two backpackers. That was it. I'm afraid I'm becoming a hiking snob. Do I really want to hike the JMT with crowds?

Looking back down at the lakes.

This would be a great trail run. But today I wanted to move at a slower pace and take it all in. I'm becoming attached to these mountains, inseparable from the rivers. It's happening, finally. A piece of country is sinking into me and I into it. I finally know why people stay.


  1. I'm the same way with crowds. That first photo you posted is gorgeous!! The more I see of Oregon, the more I need to plan a trip. :)

  2. I was there! Loved seeing Bonny Lake(s) and the pass again. Sounds like a perfect day.

  3. Yup, sure do. Do you love the boots? Great to see those mountains with so little snow. Amazing!

  4. I finally know why people stay -- love it! (The JMT is fabulous in the fall.)

  5. I'm with you, don't want to be hiking with crowds. I love to go places where there aren't other hikers, or at least very few.

    Love the photos, always happy to see where your feet have been taking you.



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