Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the last nice day

"This is the last nice day," Michelle and I agree, playing hooky from work to walk in the park. It is true that snow is in the forecast, two inches by tomorrow, just the start of our seven or eight month winter. But it is also true that our definition of a nice day imperceptibly changes with the seasons. In August, it was a sun-washed 80 degrees when a swim in a glacial lake was not out of the question. In September we accepted days ten degrees cooler with a spunky bite to the evenings. Now in November, sunny and brisk 45 degree days are cause for celebration. A few months from now, shiny diamond snow and a windless 20 degree day will be our new nice.

Abandoning my plan for a power hike, I was lured up to Falls Creek to stare at this icy sight:

Ice already, the waterfall slowly freezing. Time to get back to yoga, edit the novel, bake rustic bread, split endless piles of kindling, find the snowshoes and the skis. Time to shift to a new kind of nice day even as I dream of summer campfires.


  1. Your doggie is really cute. :)

    I agree on the relativity on temperatures. Living in Fairbanks was like that. I remember after the first week of -40, it sprung up to zero. Felt so warm that I didn't wear long-underwear. Nearly froze my legs off waiting 20 min for the bus. Yup, it was still cold. But at first, it felt like summertime!! :)

  2. I say that all the time too!

    "This is the last warm day!"
    "This is the last powder day!"
    "this is the last day for ice climbing!"

    It's funny because of course it's not "the last" of anything, but sometimes it all just feels so urgent, lol.

  3. Good to see Falls Creek in November...very different than our view in July! Here in the "Yoop" we count on a few "nice" days in early Noveber (45-50) and I think today is the day! Cute doggie!

  4. Oh Mary I would love to see those falls in the summer though.


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