Sunday, May 25, 2014

on top of the world

This week, I traveled for work. Again. I can't really think of much good to say about where I went, so I won't say anything, except that: how can people live in cities? An hour and a half to drive 30 miles?  Horrible. I got back yesterday, and so today meant that an escape to the mountains was necessary.

We took the gondola up to the top of Mount Howard, which is a cheating way to ascend to high elevation. But we worked for our snow, slogging to the top of Easy Peak twice. I walked over to East Peak too, just because it was there. 

Still plenty of snow up here!

Aneroid Lake is still frozen.
I hardly ever take the gondola up because it is so expensive, but I always forget how it feels up there, as if we are on top of the world. You can see everything--frozen lakes, far-off avalanches, distant cirques where nobody goes. When we got back, the tourists in shorts stared in confusion. And our paragliding friends were on the sunny patio. Do you ever wish you could take a moment and freeze it, stay in it forever? Today was one of those days.
East Peak


  1. Loved this. Perfect antidote day to a week of city, noise, traffic and indoor living. So glad you have mountains in your big backyard.

  2. Hi Mary! I enjoy your blog so I tagged you in a meme:
    Feel free to participate or not. :)

  3. Thanks Spelt, and I am looking foward to reading your blog!

  4. The kids still talk about the gondola and throwing snowballs in July. The view from up there is amazing and based on your pics it looks like even more beautiful in the winter. Glad you were able to just get away and enjoy peace and quiet after all the hustle and bustle last week.


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