Thursday, November 8, 2018

Pushing the Side Hustle

Okay people,
I don't push my books on this site because I don't think that is what you come here for (if interested, visit here. But just in case you are in the market for an outdoors book or two, I am selling them for a reduced price. $15 includes shipping, a screaming deal and a way to benefit a writer rather than a big store (although, please visit independent bookstores).

I have two books out:

The Geography of Water, a novel set in the remote and rainy world of Southeast Alaska. It includes landscape as backdrop, character and obstacle--living in isolation and how that shapes personality. Plus some hiking! $14 shipped (only a couple available). Or you can help out a neat bookstore and buy here: Bookloft

Fire in the Heart, a memoir about fighting wildfires as the second generation of women to do so (late 1980s/early 1990s), and how land is shaped by fire and vice versa. $15 shipped media mail.


Ha ha. Anyway, if you love to read, or if you know someone who does, and want a book for a cheaper price than you can get anywhere, email me at maryellenemerick DOT com. Only while supplies last.

BACK TO REGULAR PROGRAMMING! By the way, thanks for the recommendations on indoor hobbies. I definitely will consider them all. The harmonica was genius. Prepare to be annoyed, neighbors!

Do you have a side hustle? Post it in the comments so we all can support it. Jill, I'm looking at you (and everyone else). I want to discover some new stuff!


  1. Haha. Thanks for the shout-out! Sadly I haven't finished a project in two years. I was just telling my friend today that I'm probably one more season away from applying for a cashier job at Trader Joes.

    I'm actually in the midst of trying the 50,000-word November challenge (I mostly refuse to call it by its official name; sounds like a person mumbling through a mouth full of peanut butter.) This is also failing, I must admit. Bah.

    But I certainly do miss the thrill of hauling stacks of books to the post office. Have fun with your holiday sale!

    1. I'm about one conference call away from chucking it to work at trader joe's. Please finish a book so I can read it.

  2. My side thing is being a rep for a supplement/wellness company. I never meant to do this but I really like this company, their philosophy, and their products. It's not an MLM either. They have good protein powders, a joint supplement that really works, and lots of other good stuff.

    1. I like the joint mobility stuff. I ordered some protein powder.


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