Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Sloth Diaries*

*Just kidding.
But, it does seem like more of a fight to get outdoors this time of year. Mostly, I am interested in lying around like this:

But that never works. After an hour or so of lying around I feel incredibly large and lazy, so I propel myself to some kind of activity. This is the time of year that I call "multiple choice adventures." You really don't know what conditions will be like, so you bring everything so you don't have to backtrack. For example, my list today included:

  • Running shoes, in case there wasn't much snow
  • Spikes, in case it was icy
  • Snowshoes, in case there was too much snow
  • Hiking boots, in case there wasn't enough snow to snowshoe but too much to run in
  • Extra layers, in case I had to walk, since there would be too much snow to run in but not enough snow to snowshoe in
  • A book, in case I couldn't do any of those things and had to wait for my snow-biking partner
It was not even by design that I didn't bring skis also, because I thought there was no way there would be enough snow to ski. However, there was. I settled for snowshoeing, the first time this year. It was a good choice, even if I only had an hour.

Earlier this week, I ventured into the state park to run. However, it turned out to be too icy, and I hadn't brought my spikes. Walking it was... (this section wasn't icy, but it got icy pretty fast)
And a couple of days prior, I arrived at the East Fork ready for a hike, only to discover it would have been great for running.

In previous lifetimes, the only activity I really did with regularity was run. I ran six days a week. I don't miss those days. I think a diversity of interests is way better for my body and for keeping my interest up (and making me more interesting). 

So as usual, my adventures are gradually shifting from hiking to everything else. Even though I miss hiking, I know that it is good to take a break from any one thing for a period of time. This year will be the year of more skating. Of skiing down the Hill of Terror (recently downgraded from the Hill of Death). Of more snowshoe loops, and some winter runs.

I'm actually sort of looking forward to a hiking break. When you do long distance hiking like PCT sections, it is easy to fall into the miles per hour trap. I need a reboot. Bring it, winter.

Any new winter things you plan to try? Do you take a break from a certain activity seasonally?


  1. Lucky you to have so many choices. Mine are hiking or swimming - town, beach or rainforest!
    I do love them but ............

    1. Swimming would be something I would love to add!

  2. Two sports I am somewhat interested in learning/improving should I finally start to venture outside my comfort zone: Rock climbing (to perhaps overcome my tendencies toward vertigo) and cross-country skiing (which I currently think is terrible, but I'd be willing to admit I'm wrong.)

    1. I've tried rock climbing...not my thing. Maybe if you had the right skis and nobody made you cry by taking you to places you shouldn't try on xc skis...which has happened to might like it. But it isn't for everyone for sure. I love snowshoeing and so many people hate it!

    2. That was always my problem over the five seasons I gave nordic skiing a chance — all of the interesting places were either steep enough to barely herringbone up and fall all the way down, or deep enough that scooting along was slower than walking in snowshoes. Groomers were terribly boring — at least with running and biking, I can get into a flow that I enjoy even on a stationary machine. But parallel skiing was choppy and frustrating. I never mastered the technique. I think I'd enjoy skate skiing more if I had someone to teach me. And I definitely need better skis than the ones I owned in Alaska.

  3. I gained some inspiration from your blog...and used it in my latest post. Thanks for the inspiration. Will C.

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