Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Dispatches from the frozen tundra

It's hard to believe that somewhere people are wearing shorts, because it's sure not here. I'm back where I grew up, and the snow has come. I've already donned microspikes for runs, fallen on ice, and worn hats and mittens. Oh, winter. I have not missed you.

I'm sure I will get excited about skiing eventually, but today is not that day. Fortunately a slight warming trend brought a sunny day for trail running. I shuffled through the leaves, thanking the stars that I don't care about Strava or my pace. I cared about that stuff (though not Strava) for a long time. Now, I'm just glad I can still run. I enjoy it a lot more, even (gasp) stopping to take photos. 

I looked through some of my old medals from decades ago and decided to toss them all. I'm not one to keep stuff; it just provides clutter. The first place ribbon? Don't need it anymore. 

Another day I ran on the county road, up and down some ferocious hills. Drivers negotiating the sheet of ice that passed for a road gave me a wide berth, no doubt wondering who the crazy lady was. I lost my nerve on one particularly steep hill and turned around. Better to live to run again another day.

It's been a quiet, contemplative week on the frozen tundra, full of writing and running and deep thoughts. The land heads toward winter. I head for home.

Ps. I want this sauna, don't you?


  1. It's hard to run on a cold, snowy day. Good for you for getting outside and getting it done!

    1. I am good with it now but ask again in February! Ha.

  2. For me it is hard to believe that so many people have to wrap up against the cold for so long! I hope this winter brings you happy surprises with her weather.
    I had a little laugh at your stopping to take more photos now. I try hard to take less but it doesn't work!

    1. I never thought I would want to be a snowbird...e.g. go somewhere warm for winter, buuuut maybe someday I will be able to do that.


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