About me

Previous lives: Firefighter, Cave Tour Guide, Park Ranger, Wilderness Ranger, Kayak Ranger, Fort Wench, Biological Tech, Weather Observer, marathon runner, ocean kayaker, cross country driver, helicopter crew, caver, backpacker. Has lived in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, California, Alaska.

Current life: Cubicle Dweller but sometimes field-going Forest Service employee, writer, dog wrangler, cat herder, terrified skier, trail runner, backpacker, lake kayaker, newbie mountain biker, lake swimmer.

Would love to: publish a second book, finish hiking the PCT, not have to work, kayak in BC, see the Brooks Range, go back to New Zealand, see Torres Del Paine, learn Spanish, live happily ever after.

Thanks for stopping by!